Where’s the Fun?

When Galliventurer was first conceived in the bowels of my brain it was during a particularly good session of playing No Man’s Sky. I had just traversed several different planets finding old ruins and exploring as I went. The exhilaration I felt zipping around in space and then landing to explore – it was this feeling and the want to continue that on my phone, which persisted for days & weeks, was the main reason I even considered starting development on Galliventurer. No Man’s Sky is possibly one of the most ambitious, fully realised games in history – yes it took them a while to get there, but I don’t see Star Citizen releasing anytime soon – so it goes without saying Galliventurer will not be anywhere near that ambitious. A small glimmer of space flight amongst the stars with endless exploration. But then what?

This has been a constant thorn in my frontal lobe since my first flight through the current build of the game. Sure you can fly to different star systems and even arrive at a planet or moon (we’re still a long way from boots on the ground unfortunately) but then what? Run around an endlessly generated plane with nothing to really achieve aside from finding minerals? Snore.
Then I stumbled across an eSports game of Warcraft 3 a few days ago, which brought up memories of the 100s of hours I put into WC3 & Frozen Throne with my brothers. After all, it has it all: mining, base building, fortifications, battles, exploration. Maybe it’s just missing space flight, interplanetary freighting plus some updated management & unit mechanics. That would definitely be fun…