• Call of the Commune
    My friends and I often joke about packing up and leaving the city to buck the trend by pooling our resources for commune living. Our joke has even gone so far as to have people…
  • Decisions
    There’s very few people in the void that fill me with equal parts foreboding and exhilarating joy. That smirk forever lingers at the edge of your mouth, always ready to charm and smooth over whatever…
  • Love
    Love yourself.Love your kids.Love your spouse, partner or companion.Love your family.Love your friends. Love your free time.Love your hobbies.Love your work.Love your job.Love your colleagues.Love your boss.Love your corporate masters. Love your neighbours.Love your suburb,…
animation of ink flowing over a brass beard attached to a crystal skull

Programmer by day, hobbyist game developer & political armchair ranter by night. Father to two wonderful kids and married to the most amazingly creative woman.

The world is going through a crucible of major change from every side it seems. The purpose of this blog is to allow me to explore and document my ideas and perspective whilst hopefully sharing insight and starting a discourse with you the reader(s).

Whilst it may be shouting into the void of the endless maelstrom of the internet, I hope you find some interesting ideas and fresh perspective on current events.

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