• The Queen is Dead, Long Live the Republic
    With a change of monarch many Australians are starting to question is it time to change up our way of government. Time for a republic?
  • Futurist
    Assumptions & Definition After assuming the moniker of “futurist” I realised I didn’t really have a deep understanding of what the term means. I had a vague notion it meant someone who thinks about and…
  • AILS: Capitalism
    Assumptions Before I began my quest to learn about one of (if not the) most prevalent economic systems in the world, I had some very specific ideas about what capitalism was. Firstly, I thought that…
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Programmer by day, hobbyist game developer & political armchair ranter by night. Father to two wonderful kids and married to the most amazingly creative woman.

The world is going through a crucible of major change from every side it seems. The purpose of this blog is to allow me to explore and document my ideas and perspective whilst hopefully sharing insight and starting a discourse with you the reader(s).

Whilst it may be shouting into the void of the endless maelstrom of the internet, I hope you find some interesting ideas and fresh perspective on current events.

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