Introductory Scene – The Lore of Galliventurer

* muttering accompanied by beeps/electric signal noises *

“Huh, how’d you get here? Just when I’d finally resigned myself to floating aimlessly through the endless void of spa- woah hold up, you’re old! Positively ancient, in point of fact, when are you from?! The early 21st century or something? I didn’t realize soul travel* was discovered or even possible that far back, will need to run a diagnostic on my historical cores… Anyway, let me transfer you into something more familiar. It will take me a while to construct a complete new vessel for you. Thankfully the adventure droids are great for gallivanting around in. And it’s relatively safe… for short periods of time at least.”

First audio in the game
OMICRON 17 – December 7, 2011 DeviantArt @angelitoon

Introducing the main narrative device, Galliventurer the neural duplicant bound to the ship. This character will provide the plot points & instructions on gameplay mechanics, etc. for the initial part (and possibly entirety) of the game. It’s still early days but an idea of the game-world  premise has started to take shape. Here it is in it’s infancy:

The human race has been exploring the cosmos for centuries now, eons even. We’ve surpassed faster than light travel, expanding our technological & biological advancement to the point of being able to move a human soul/consciousness from one body to another, one vessel to another. Cybernetics & synthetic bodies are the norm! Sounds too good to be true, and there in lies the complication. The human race is well past it’s glory days, most of the deep knowledge and understanding behind the miraculous technology has been lost to time. Stretched thin across the vastness of space humans search for answers. A primogenitor race of all the known intelligent civilizations in the galaxy exists but we’ve yet to find the true origin. You must explore & discover our origins to seek out the knowledge locked within the embarker pylons!

To boil it right down to it’s essence, I’m letting my inner teenage high school writing spew forth in a bid to get a few small gems amidst the inevitable drivel.

*Still deciding on a name for this