Writing in a Post ChatGPT World

From the outset it should be said that I use ChatGPT pretty much daily and think it is an amazing piece of technology set to change the course of human history (as if it hasn’t already done so). But now the act of putting thoughts to paper in my own often grammatically dubious and bumbling round about way seems… silly? senseless? like a waste of time? From the beginning it has always been questionable as to whether anyone would ever read these scrawlings on a forgotten wall of the internet, but it was always with the intention that anyone who did stumble across this stream of consciousness would be human. This always seemed like a foregone conclusion but given the recent events and what seems just over the horizon, maybe not.

The human mind is used to the way we think, my writing isn’t exactly great but it’s at least palatable (I hope), but in comparison to the perfect prose that chatGPT can produce, is there any point trying to resist the alluring siren’s song of impeccable grammar and syntactic excellence? Of course there is! That’s not why I write, nor why you read my ramblings. There’s no illusions that I’m up for some Pulitzer or accolades for the digital pixels being arranged here. There are things that ruminate in my brain and either I desire to be rid of them by freeing my brain of their natterings through the act of nailing them to the digital page, or I feel they are at least a smidgen worthy of sharing and may have some small value to someone else also. Which posts are which, is up to you dear reader, to decide.